Testimonials from our Senior Residents

senior living testimonialAlex and Rich

We no longer wanted the upkeep of our three story Victorian home in Webster. The Rockwood was perfect – it looked and felt like our home and is located in the heart of the community we love. When we travel, the staff takes care of our plants and I am able to have my very own flower garden here. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

carol senior testimonialCarol

I loved the size and the warm friendly feeling when you walk in the door. I also love the fact that it was in a community, not far away from everything. In fact, I stopped looking after I visited the first time because I knew it would be my new home!


I love that everything is taken care of for me. I just get to enjoy life! I love Webster Groves, its accessibility and it looks like a Norman Rockwell setting.

senior living testimonialEllen

I was initially drawn to The Rockwood due to its intimate size. Now, I love the delicious food, the transportation services, the numerous activities and the fact I could bring my cat!





Frank and Marilyn – My husband Frank and I have always been very proud of the family that God has given us. Three children of our own, nine grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. What a blessing. But the greatest love in all the world is our love for Jesus Christ the Son of God Almighty.

I’ll share with you an example of how God answers prayer.

For years I’ve had my eye on The Rockwood. A large building with apartments for Senior Independent Living in Webster Groves. I would say “Someday” I would like to live there. One evening I stopped in there around Christmas time. It was decorated beautifully with all it’s festive decoration, including a Christmas tree and a burning fire in the fireplace. It was so warm and friendly. I liked it even more! As my husband and I grew older, we talked about moving to a place where I didn’t have to cook and he didn’t have all the upkeep of the house. Besides that, our daughter was secretly talking to Eric the Sales Director at The Rockwood about us coming to live there. When I talked to Frank about moving there, he would say “I’m not ready to leave our house”. I knew he meant ever.

We decided we really needed to pray about where, if ever, we should move. One day Eric called and invited us to look at a 2 bedroom apartment. When Frank looked at it, he said, “I could live here”, and when we moved in he said, “I love it!”. I replied “Praise God!”  We have never regretted our decision to move to The Rockwood for one moment.