Folk and Bluegrass comes to The Rockwood

The Residents of The Rockwood enjoyed our new entertainer Mark Raborn. The first time we have had a banjo bluegrass player here and everyone really enjoyed the variety of songs he played in his genre. Check him out if you can or come join us next time he is on our activity calendar!

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Halloween time again at The Rockwood

Once again The Rockwood hosts its annual Halloween Party. We started the party with a tune from the “Andrew’s Sisters”. We played some new games of Pumpkin Consequences, What Would You Do As Learned from Horror Movies, Classic Horror Movie Trivia, Guessing the pumpkins weight, and how much candy is in the jar. The party was joined by peanut and jelly sandwich, a coven of witches, Peter Pan, a zombie, Casanova, and some of our other Residents. The party was hosted by our own Punk Rocker Sales/Marketing Director Eric. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed their fun little prizes. Let’s spook it up bigger next year!!

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