Residents visit MO Botanicals Gardenland Express Show

A few of our Residents braved the cold outside and enjoyed the Annual Gardenland Express Show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Always a well produced showing of floral and miniature displays taking us a fascinating little world they have created. Let the pictures speak for themselves…

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The Rockwood’s Annual Holiday Open House

It is The Rockwoods’ tradition that every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we host a Holiday Open House. This beautiful building is illuminated in wonderful festive Christmas lights and decorations. Tour our beautiful community, eat some delicious homemade desserts, visit with our Residents and enjoy the wonderful carols sung by the Statesmen Singers.

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Cahokia Mounds visited by The Rockwood

A couple of our adventurous Residents braved the freezing temperatures to see the Cahokia Mounds Museum and eat lunch at the hidden gem of Cahokia, the Sawmill BBQ. We all had a wonderful time seeing all the new exhibits and learning so much about the history of the native people in our area. Fascinating facts.

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The Rockwood Residents seeing toys and eating bacon! Ha!

The Residents of The Rockwood had a great time at the Missouri History Museum. We went for the exhibit: Toys of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. So many memories came back sparked by a toy. Afterwards we checked out the Route 66 and 1904 World’s Fair exhibits as well. So fun!

We worked up a great appetite and went to Crown Candy Kitchen for lunch. Of course we had to do their famous BLT sandwiches!! YUM!

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Halloween time at The Rockwood

Another Halloween has come and gone; and another fun filled Halloween Party was had by the Residents of The Rockwood! This year we incorporated our racetrack into the party. The Residents made our spooky character racers for the track. Always a good time betting on who will take the prize. While listening to a fun Halloween soundtrack, we played a variety of fun games: Racing, the Match Game, Hockey stick slap shot into the pumpkin, cauldron pong (Halloween version of beer bong), and hot pumpkin (like hot potato). Lots of laughs and funny costumes. Also some shrunken head punch for those thirsty partiers.

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An awesome day for the Great River Road

The Residents of The Rockwood gathered for a trip down the Great River Road to look at the fall leaves. We stopped off at the Loading Dock in Grafton, IL for lunch. After lunch we drove up to the scenic lookout point at Pere Marquette State Park. What a view! We took a different scenic route back home that took us over the Brussels Ferry and also the Golden Eagle Ferry. What a great time we all had! Can’t wait to go again in February for eagle watching!!


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