Bob Lord Radio Show comes to The Rockwood

Our friend Bob Lord returns to The Rockwood today. This time he has for us The Jack Benny Christmas Show. What a great time listening to popular and most of the time forgotten about radio programs before television became mainstream. This event always brings back wonderful memories for our Residents.

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Guest Speaker at The Rockwood – Jeff Roorda

The Rockwood welcomed guest speaker Jeff Roorda. He is a nationally recognized police spokesman, former Missouri Legislator, and ex-cop as seen on CNN, FOX, and other networks. He discussed his new book FERGHANISTAN: the War on Police. This book gives us a cops-eye view of perhaps the most tumultuous year in the history of US law enforcement told from the unique perspective of the most visible police spokesman to emerge from the smoldering ashes of Ferguson.

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Donna Ross performs at The Rockwood

The Residents of The Rockwood were once again entertained by the talented Donna Ross. This performance was centered around the Railroad expansion of the 1800’s and all the sing-along songs that were created during that time frame. Songs such as “Jimmy Cracked Corn”, “Old Susanna” and “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain” were sung by all including several other familiar songs from that era.


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Special Guest Speaker at The Rockwood

Many interesting residents bring interesting stories with them to The Rockwood. Rosemary Holland Gidionsen is one of them. At a luncheon meeting in November, she invited her daughter, Rosemary Gliedt, to share the story of her mother’s meeting the President of the United States many years ago.

An article was written in later years about the meeting and visit in the Oval Office by Joseph F. Holland of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. He had known Harry S. Truman for many years from his role in Missouri politics. The private visit was attended by Rosemary, her parents, Abbie & Joe Holland and President Truman.This will always a treasured family memory.

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Halloween time again at The Rockwood

Once again The Rockwood hosts its annual Halloween Party. We started the party with a tune from the “Andrew’s Sisters”. We played some new games of Pumpkin Consequences, What Would You Do As Learned from Horror Movies, Classic Horror Movie Trivia, Guessing the pumpkins weight, and how much candy is in the jar. The party was joined by peanut and jelly sandwich, a coven of witches, Peter Pan, a zombie, Casanova, and some of our other Residents. The party was hosted by our own Punk Rocker Sales/Marketing Director Eric. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed their fun little prizes. Let’s spook it up bigger next year!!

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