A Sweet Trip to Bissinger’s!

Our Residents had the pleasure to take a trip to the famous Bissinger’s Chocolate Factory in St. Louis. What an interesting place and interesting history. And the chocolate? YUM! Betty and Mildred (pictured together below) were ready to play Lucy and Ethel in the candy conveyor skit! Haha!!

We all went to lunch at Caleco’s downtown afterward. Biggest menu in downtown StL. Great fun, great food and great friends!

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Folk and Bluegrass comes to The Rockwood

The Residents of The Rockwood enjoyed our new entertainer Mark Raborn. The first time we have had a banjo bluegrass player here and everyone really enjoyed the variety of songs he played in his genre. Check him out if you can or come join us next time he is on our activity calendar!

IMG_1970  IMG_1975 IMG_1980 IMG_1972IMG_1987IMG_1986

Tai Chi comes to The Rockwood

Exercise is a big part of the weekly activities at The Rockwood. With that, our Residents were excited to start a new exercise, Tai Chi. Taught by a master, Lin. They are learning how their bodies can work in different ways than what they are used to. Such a calming, flowing exercise that will make them stronger and more flexible. We look for longevity, and being fit in body and mind is a great gateway for a healthy life.

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Butterfly House- Morpho Mania

A couple Residents braved the storms and ventured out to see the Morpho Mania at the Butterfly House. They were not going to miss this outing due to some rain. Can you spot the butterflies in each picture? The only morpho that sat long enough to take a picture of was the one with beaten wings who needed a rest and landed on my arm! Ha! Good times!!

IMG_1186 IMG_1274 IMG_1273 IMG_1272 IMG_1271 IMG_1259 IMG_1254 IMG_1251 IMG_1250 IMG_1245 IMG_1244 IMG_1242 IMG_1233 IMG_1232 IMG_1228 IMG_1226 IMG_1224 IMG_1219 IMG_1210 IMG_1209 IMG_1208 IMG_1206 IMG_1205 IMG_1202 IMG_1201 IMG_1200 IMG_1199 IMG_1196 IMG_1194 IMG_1190